How to Access Android System Files new 2019

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How to Access Android System Files new 2019

How to Access Android System Files new 2019

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This wikiHow teaches you how to view the system files, also known as "root" files, on your Android phone or tablet. In order to do this your Android phone must be rooted and you'll need to download the ES File Explorer app from the Google Play Store.

Root your Android. If you want to be able to access your Android's system files you'll need to root your Android phone first. The process of rooting an Android differs for each manufacturer and model, while some phones cannot be rooted at all. Research what's involved in rooting your phone before attempting to make changes to your device.

    Rooting your Android isn't as dangerous as it may sound, but it will void your warranty and may compromise the security of your phone.
Download ES File Explorer. Skip this step if you already have ES File Explorer. To download ES File Explorer, open the Androidgoogleplay.png
Google Play Store, then do the following:
    Tap the search bar.
    Type in es file explorer
    Tap ES File Explorer File Manager in the resulting drop-down menu.
    Tap ACCEPT when prompted.
    Select your Android's internal storage if prompted. Do not install ES File Explorer on your SD card.

Scroll down to the "Root Explorer" section. This option is near the bottom of the menu. You should see a white switch to the right of it.
Explore your Android's system files. You can browse through your Android's files and folders like usual, but you should now see system files and folders included in ES File Explorer.

    Any folders that are a lighter color than your Android's standard folders are root folders.
    Do not change any system files unless you're absolutely positive about what the outcome will be. Doing so is a guaranteed way to brick your Android phone.

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